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Disasterverse™ is the latest game from visionary game designer and genius, Graham Flecker. With raving reviews from the names you trust, there is no doubt that this is a media experience that only comes once in a lifetime.

Endorsements from Famous Celebrities

Cherry-picked reviews:

Geoff Lisandro (From the hit TV Show Borough Street): "Disasterverse™ really helps me bond with my wife and her kids."

Sheila Lockhorne (From accounting): "I'm not sure what Disasterverse™ is? I just work here."

Marvin Johnson (Husband to famous reality TV star Tiffany Johnson): "Whatever this thing is. I endorse it. They paid me well enough."

Awards from respected institutions

None yet! Maybe some day...

So there it is! Our glowing reviews paint us in a great light! With millions already online, why not try Disasterverse™ today! Have your mind boggled by dazzling graphics, engaging gameplay, and best of all, our amazing community!



Thanks to Teslov for being a big help with the game

Thanks to Milk with the help with production

Thanks to Dyzzy for always supporting me


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If a sound isn't listed here, please tell me.

Note: There is currently an issue with AMD Adrenaline 22.8.2 (Optional). If possible, please downgrade to 22.5.1 (Recommended) for best experience


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